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Script for adding Instrument

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asked Jun 5 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by artemputilov (170 points)

I have been using Studio One for my work from 2011. I like this program very much.

I especially like the scripting feature. Now it is possible to add FX-plugins via hot keys. but there is really not enough opportunity to add to the Instrument through hot keys. I'd love to see this option in studio updates.

Thank you for your attention.

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answered Jun 25 by aka_busker (10,190 points)
Hi.  I have found that the Studio One Remote covers you here.  Let me explain.  I use the Faderport 16 as my mixer and try to keep my hands off the mouse and keyboard during a mix.  I can easily edit plugin parameters on the Faderport but I have not found a good way to add FX to a channel from the faderport directly.  This is where I turn to the remote app on my tablet.  I can use the remote app to add sends and fx to a channel.  Well, much more than that.  There are all kinds of macros on the remote app.  Add layers to tracks, quatizing to a note value, add reverse reverb and much, much more besides.  I have used the app for a few years on and off but have barely scraped the surface.  
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answered Jun 25 by aka_busker (10,190 points)
Sorry for second post but I just looked at the app again and looked at the "Instrument Tracks" section of the macros.  Some of the default options shown include, (but is not limited to) add instrument, transform to audio, transpose instrument track, enable step record.