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Adding any virtual instrument directly from an instrument track in an arrangement.

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asked May 15, 2023 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by el1704a (330 points)

If I press the plus sign above the tracks or yes double click on an empty space I can add an instrument track and select any instrument, but if I right click and select add instrument track it adds an empty instrument track in which I cannot select a new instrument. Only the one that is already in the project (and if they are not there yet?) At first I did not even understand how it works and how to do it. Only after a while the logic became clear and it is a bit strange.

Basically, my suggestion is this. Please make it possible to add any virtual instruments to an already created instrumental track, and not just those that are in the arrangement. Of course, drag and drop is convenient, but in this case I need to quickly select an instrument for myself on a specific track, and not reach for the browser or open the mixer and add it there. Thank you

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