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How do I get Studio One to stop playing at the end of the song?

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asked Jun 5, 2020 in Studio One 4 by ZiggyDude (1,020 points)


I am a super noobie. I just recorded my first track and all it contains is me counting about 4 measures.  

So - I noticed that at the end of the track (and song) it keeps playing to oblivion.  What a drag!  At least stop.  I would prefer it returns to the start and plays again.

I did do the research on this site.  But all I found was something that was 4 years old (and thus different version maybe).  This it.  It says the functionality is there - but does not tell me how to find the controls and do it.

Any help is appreciated as I continue my quest to make a first song on this DAWS.


- Ziggy -

2 Answers

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answered Jun 6, 2020 by jeremygoody (170 points)
add a marker where you want it to stop. right click on the marker and choose "stop at marker"
asked Jun 8, 2020 in Studio One 4 by ZiggyDude (1,020 points) How to use the markers?
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answered Feb 13, 2021 by graemesheppard (150 points)
This is truly odd behaviour, unless I'm missing something.

Anyway, go to the time you want to stop playing at, then tap Y or use the Transport menu to add a marker. Right click on the marker and select Stop at Marker. Rename the marker Stop.

Actually, a really simple workaround, but silly nonetheless.