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Option for Zoom button on ATOM to latch

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asked Jun 7, 2020 in Atom Feature Requests by davidstockden (2,860 points)
Hi. Please could the Zoom button on the ATOM be made so it could latch so zooming doesn’t require two fingers or finger and a thumb to operate.

This would make it so much more user friendly for those with hand issues.

I noticed that before opening studio one that all the button seem to be able to latch in place so an option for this to be carried through at least for the zoom button would be great thank you !

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answered Jul 10, 2020 by jonnydoyle (382,550 points)
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answered Jul 18, 2020 by grimeyneedle (3,490 points)
Yes that should be a toggle like the note repeat, full level, etc...