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ATOM SQ: Add Block and Continuous Pad mode for any instrument inside Studio One

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asked Jul 12, 2021 in Atom Feature Requests by angelangeles (1,860 points)
When using the Atom SQ as a normal controller outside of Studio One, there is an option to change the layout pad to KEYBOARD, CONTINUOUS and BLOCKS.

Weirdly, in Studio One, these options are restricted to what the instrument is and there is not even a BLOCK mode. I am using Addictive Drums 2 and you can't change the pad layout. Everything is grayed out on Atom's screen. When using a normal keyboard instrument, you can't use the continuous and block mode too. You're stuck with the piano style layouts only.

It would be great if we would have the ability to select whichever mode the pad does on any instrument inside Studio One: even the ability to use keyboard mode when using drum instruments. Some of us are more familiar using the keyboard when finger drumming.

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answered Jul 12, 2021 by grimeyneedle (3,930 points)
I agree on block mode.   However Layout continuous/ Scale chromatic is the same as continuous on the non s1 instrument.  If you switch it to drum view you will have the colored pads as well  but they start at C1 with no transpose function.
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answered Sep 29, 2022 by baseliner (1,610 points)
I was going to post the same request! I found a workaround, its of course not as good as to have a prefs. option, like: no automatic switching layouts, but...

As soon as i duplicated (mouse right click) my BFD3 plugin track, both, Atom and Atom SQ switch to keyboard layout! Funny!

This works with AD 2 too. Just tested it. In the Map Window of AD 2 you can switch to "GM" layout, to have the Toms on the keys 4 to 9.
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answered Dec 13, 2022 by Beloved1 (1,510 points)
OH MY GOSH!!!! I bought this thing hoping that this feature was available in STUDIO ONE. The COMPANY that makes the dang controller and you can't even use the feature that it says is available!! I don't want to use this in LIVE.. I want to use it in the software that it's designed to be used in.  I'm so ticked off.. This is a given.  If you make this feature, why can't you use it? This shouldn't even be a request.. this should be automatic POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.  I'm so upset.  to the point I'm likely sending this back. I want 16 level velocity for beat creation.  you make a pad controller to have that feature but restrict it with your own program??? This doesn't make sense you guys.  I was looking through the manual and then decided to google it and realized this was purposely restricted and that others were having the same issue.  Who made this error in the product development phase?  This is a given you guys.  if you're programming drums, 16 LEVELS IS OR SOMETHING EQUIVALANT IS MANDATORY.  Sorry I'm just so frustrated with products that miss these simple solutions. especially the ones that make it available but restrict it in the DAW it was intended for.LOLOL.. WHAT? I'm done.