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Studio One RC Track view and redo/undo feature requests

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asked Jun 15 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by roknrex (310 points)
I record my drums and use Studio One RC on my iPad. It would be great to have the track view so I can see where I am in the song while it's recording. Additionally the redo/undo feature in the RC app would help me after recording so I can stay behind the kit as multiple recording takes are needed most of the time. Thank you.

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answered Jun 17 by aka_busker (13,400 points)
Hi.  Undo and redo are in the bottom left of the screen.  Extreme left of the transport bar.  They are two curly arrows left and right.
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answered Jun 17 by aka_busker (13,400 points)
Oh and track position is at the top of the screen.  There is a moving timeline with an arrow indicating your position.