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Studio One Feature Requests

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asked Jan 12, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by davidannohjr (440 points)

Good evening,

I am really enjoying Studio One... just have a couple of requests that would enhance my workflow:


  • Possibility to control a plug-in from two controllers at the same time. Let’s say I have two controllers in front of me (Faderport 8 and Midi Fighter Twister), and I open a Channel Strip plugin in which I want to map all compressor parameters with one midi controller, and all EQ parameters with another one. Is it possible? I thought of it as an "Aggregate MIDI device" of some sort, but not sure what it would be called.
  • Make it possible for Studio One to choose a kind (mono or stereo) of a 3-rd party plugin based on a channel that it's being put on, and make a browser window less cluttered by only showing types of a plugin (AU,FX,VST). Let's take a Q6 equalizer. Right now, it shows 6 instances of that plugin in my browser (mono and stereo for each of those three types: AU,FX and VST). It would be easier to navigate the browser if it showed only 3 instances (AU,FX,VST), and then when you drop one of them on a channel, it will choose a corresponding kind of that plugin (mono or stereo) based on a channel that I put it on.
  • Possibility to link (or mirror) inserts on grouped channels.
  • Expand the number of available groups up to 20. I think it goes up to 10 now.
Studio One Remote:
  • Make it easier to reorder pages in the macros tab. Right now, it is unbearably difficult and counterintuitive.
  • Make buttons in the macros tab more interactive. Let's say I assigned a button to activate/deactivate a group in Studio One. When I press it to activate the group, I have no idea whether I actually pressed it or if it went through. I have to look at the screen in order to make sure it is active or not. Instead, making it a different color/shade when i press it would help me to stay focused, especially if I have 10 groups at my disposal.
  • Add more colors to buttons in the macro tab
  • Possibility to save all customizations as a file outside of the app. A few times, for some reason that's unknown to me, after reopening the app, my most recent changes would disappear. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but as a backup, would it be possible to save my custom settings as a file/template that I can load on another tablet?
That is all for now. Thank you! 

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