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how to connect 2 stage box with presonus series 32SX

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asked Jun 19 in Networked Stage Box by dionisioramos (170 points)

I have a StudioLive 32SX mixer and a 2 stage NSB16.8 box, both in the middle of the stage. The two stage boxes are detected by the mixer in the stage box number 1 I have connected the following inputs (Microphones 1-16 /) Outputs (1/2 Main L / R) 3 / Mix 1, 4 / Mix 2, 5 / Mix3, 6 / Mix4 ... etc, etc and everything works very well; my problem is with stage box 2 where I have the instruments connected but none is heard. From stage box 2 I am only using the inputs not the outputs

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answered Jun 23 by jonnydoyle (361,610 points)
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Please see the following videos that will explain how to setup the NSB stage boxes.

2 Stage Boxes: