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Can a non-microphone instrument be plugged into the XLR input?

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asked Jun 25 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by brittnewsome (220 points)
My apologies for the basic question.  I am using an ARC12c mixer and am intending to plug in a Roland TD27 drum module into the mixer.  I understand that all of the XLR inputs have phantom power when the phantom power button is engaged.  Therefore, I would plan to use an active direct box between the Roland TD27 module and the mixer.  My question is- can the XLR inputs (labelelled as "Mic") also accept instruments in their input, assuming that a direct box is employed to help match the impedance.  I don't want to buy a direct box and then just have to return it because I bought the wrong one or it was an illogical idea to begin with.  Thank you!!!

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answered Jun 25 by jonnydoyle (357,040 points)
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Yes, they can.

For example a DI out on a bass/guitar amp, kemper type device.