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Will 1/4" to XLR adapters fit the MixOutputs on the StudioLive III 16/24/32R?

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asked Apr 26, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by dougolitsky (160 points)
edited Apr 26, 2022 by dougolitsky

Does the spacing between the MixOutputs 1/4" jacks on the StudioLive III 16/24/32R have enough room between them to allow the use of 1/4 to xlr converters such as the Neutrik NA3MP-UW? All my cabling is xlr not 1/4" and I want to use these adapters. I dont have access to a unit to test the fit before buying.

Thanks for the help!

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answered Apr 29, 2022 by mackjohnson1 (71,500 points)
Honestly those look like they would be a bit to wide to fit side by side or even one above the other.
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answered May 8, 2022 by dougolitsky (160 points)
yeah that's what I'm afraid of!
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answered Jul 9, 2022 by email3 (320 points)

Yes and No : I'm so glad that you asked this question because I was going to purchase the Neutrik adapter myself.  I always assumed that you could use the 1/4" to XLR adapters until you asked the question so I decided to test.  I had a couple Hosa adapters sitting around and tested it out.   Looks like the 1/4" output jacks are too close together vertically, however you can fit them in horizontally just fine.  In the image below, I am unable to seat the jack in the channel above the existing jack.