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How do I minimize the noise I'm receiving from my Presonus 26C

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asked Jun 28, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by dannymontooth (120 points)
I recently acquired a PreSonus 26c to use for audiobook narration. There is a fairly loud machine noise, similar to that of a film reel, that is very apparent throughout all of my test records that I did this morning. If I turn the gain down far enough to make this machine noise negligible, adjusting amplitude after the fact causes distortion in my audio. I am using the provided cable to plug it into my MacBook Pro, and I was testing it out in both Studio One Artist, and Adobe Audition, where I could still hear the noise. This noise was also apparent when utilizing the PreSonus 26c headphone port. Is this normal and something I need to adjust to, or should I be concerned about my hardware?

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