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Sudden uncontroled noise

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asked Jul 6, 2023 in Networked Stage Box by davidfryxelius (140 points)
retagged Aug 17, 2023 by davidfryxelius
I bought a NSB 32.16 to my Studiolive 32SC a few months ago. I now used it together in my home studio and in live situation in different venues.

At two different venues it has suddenly created a very sharp strong uncontroled noise (close to a "pink noise") on every in- and outputs. The only fader who answered to anything was the master fader. Not fun at all when mixing to the people in the venue...

After a few minutes of rebooting the mixer and the NSB-box everything was back to normal again. No trace of the problem... A month later the problem is back again...

I have had "good" quality power with ground-fuses at the venues so I doubt it's an electrical issue. I also checked that I use the latest firmware in both mixer and NSB-box.

Does anyone have any clue of what I should do?

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