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Will 'Motu 8d' converter help to connect current Rackmount mixers to recorder with S/IPDF or AES ports?

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asked Jul 2 in StudioLive Series III by pavelmoiseev (180 points)

Hello, can you share your opinion please?

Will 'Motu 8d' converter help to connect current Presonus rackmount mixers to standalone recorder with S/PDIF or  AES ports?

This is a continuation of discussion thread Options to connect StudioLive 16R to digital recorder with S/PDIF or AES inputs?

R16, R24 or R32 have AVB port (labelled Network Audio)

Motu 8d can convert digital streams from/to AVB and AES or S/PDIF.

Will it be a solution for my initial question?

Thank you.

PS: why Presonus does not offer alike converter?

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