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Immediate static when I press playback on an empty audio track.

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asked Jul 3, 2020 in Studio One 4 by codyfreeman1 (120 points)
I'm using an MSI GP73 Leopard laptop, Audiobox USB 96, with Studio One 4 Artist Edition. Windows 10 and Universal Control with all the latest drivers (updated them hoping it would fix). All of my USB ports are 3.0, and updated. I've used this set up successfully many times, and have recorded a lot of audio tracks with no issue. I was recording and out of no where intense static sound. Loud distorted static with or without input... Even when an audio track isnt armed for recording the playback gives nothing but static. I've done my best to single out the issue, it doesnt seem to be hardware (microphone, everything works with other applications). I've unplugged the monitors, microphone and other audio plays through headset perfectly fine. Issue must be with Studio One 4 software but I cant figure it out.

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