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Audiobox USB 96 "clipping" when Playback is maxed out

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asked Apr 8, 2021 in AudioBox USB by austinsnell (130 points)
I have a Audiobox USB 96, divers all updated, connected to USB 2.0, etc...

I am not even using the instrument inputs on the front, I'm playing a MIDI Keyboard through Ableton and when I do this, if I play the keys very hard the audio clips like crazy. It is NOT clipping in Ableton, however.

I can "fix" this by turning the Mixer knob to almost 100% Input, but then I have to crank the Headphone volume to max just to hear anything... and it's kind of pointless since I'm not hearing the Playback of my Instrument with effects on it, since I'm listening to Input.

I'm going absolutely insane trying to figure out what the hell is going on with this. Again, Ableton is not clipping, and when I use MME/DirectX as my Audio Out in Ableton I can play my Instruments as hard as I want thru my MIDI Keyboard and there are ZERO issues.

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answered Apr 12, 2021 by (220 points)
I have the same issue, i found a work around, turn down the volume in windows, i set this to 90 and i get no clipping. Its seems to be acting like the volume from windows is amazingly loud. I hope this helps i know its not perfedt but it greatly reduces the issue im hoping this is fixed in a driver update. Good luck and reply letting me know if it works or not. I'm more than happy to help
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answered May 18, 2021 by vincenzoiaselli (140 points)
Same problem; I purchased a Audiobox USB 96 just yesterday, installed Universal Control. All is fine but the clipping at loud volume. Setting Windows volume at 94% is the workaround, but in Studio One Artist, where the software controls directly the Audiobox, I have to keep the master level under -0,7 dBFS in order to avoid clipping.

No difference connecting to a USB 3.0 or 2.0 socket.