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Show Page: midi sends for external devices, IEM output control and more

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asked Jul 8, 2020 in Studio One 5 by kimosanborn (220 points)
Currently a Studio One 3 user for live DAW, planing to upgrade but have a few questions about the Show Page Features that have yet to be covered from what I can see online.

1. We run Axe FX units live and control all our patch switches via instrument tracks utilizing regions with program and cc changes attached. We also run our light show via the DMXIS plugin sending light bank and scene info via 2 midi piano roll tracks. Was wondering if it's possible to import these tracks in to show page and what the workflow is.

2. Our I/O routing is a bit complex with sends to FOH and 5 individual IEM sends. Do all the sends and corresponding levels transfer along when importing each track and are those level controls mappable to the Perform page interface?

3. Lastly, we currently have a single master live session with our entire catalogue, each song separated by arrange regions. For shows we comprise the set utilizing the arranger window and create markers to start/stop the playhead in between songs in certain spots. Being that all of our songs (8+ songs) are in a single session, is there a streamlined way to import particular arrange regions in to Show Page as separate songs in the setlist?

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answered Jul 8, 2020 by bruceqld (630 points)
I have exactly the same questions regarding the Show Page! The ability to play back midi output is a must to control external gear and DMXIS for lighting, as well as assigngable audio outputs. I really hope it is possible or they plan to impliment it in a future update.  

(FWIW in the meantime I switched from using arrange sections as you do to a free utility called Midi Automator in conjunction with Studio One and Bome Midi translator to achieve a fully automated, midi footswitch controllable playlist that loads and unloads entire songs. Works a treat. I run DMXIS as a standalone program rather than a VST instrument and trigger changes using midi notes via a virtual midi output from S1 so that all lighting scenes stay loaded between songs which drastically reduces song loading times. It takes around 2 seconds for the current song to close and the next one to open on my laptop when running approximately 32 audio tracks with VST FX (EQ/Comp) and multiple midi tracks to control outboard gear).