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Show Page - External Instruments / Fractal AxeFx II

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asked Jul 14, 2021 in Studio One 5 by radosawdoliski (610 points)
Hey guys!

My head just exploded so I'm asking for help.

I'm trying to set up a show using Show Page to controll my Fractal Axe Fx II. As you may know Program Change command switches the patch but in order to choose a "scene" within that patch (seemless switching) I need to send CC 34 command and from what I tried, there is simply no way to do that. I can only assign an external controller to controll CC 34 parameter but I need that parameter to change automatically multiple times during the song. I even tried using Bank Sellect LSB CC 32 and mapped my AxeFx to receive that as Scene Select command. That kinda works but LSB command goes before Program Change command and that results in first switching the scene and then the patch. I can't map the first 10 CC's on AxeFx so I'm stuck in a dead point.

Maybe you guys could figure something out?

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