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Universal Del for deleting tracks, clips, fx, automation and etc?

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asked Jul 8, 2020 in Studio One 4 by eugenesherban (200 points)
Hi, Everybody. I just jumped from Ableton boat and looks like I'll stay with Studio One for a while. Marvelous workflow, outstanding customization and macros. Every DAW should have them. Anyway, one thing I miss from Ableton is universal deleting. You click on clip, press Del and it's gone. Click on track, press Del and voila. Same with insert fx, sends and etc. Just click on it and press Del.

As I see in Studio One, we have different shortkeys for deleting track or fx inserts. Is it possible to replicate the same approach in Studio One?

Thanks for help

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answered Jul 9, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
Hi.  Any track added via the "T" button, be it instrument or audio track can be removed easily.  Select the track, press Shift + T, et viola, the track should be removed.