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What happens if I don't go online for 3 days

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asked Jul 9, 2020 in Studio One+ by tracyphelps (240 points)
I have Studio 4.6 and am upgrading. I am just trying to decide if i just upgrade normally or to sphere. I read that you need to go online every 3 days minimum to stay activated. I have 2 separate windows systems (Dual Boot) on my computer. One for music recording/production (DAW system) and one for everything else. I am online almost every day but there are times when I may not go onto my DAW system for a week or more when I need a break or other life issues come up. What happens then and how hard is it to reactivate? This is the one issue that may sway me away from sphere.



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answered Jul 9, 2020 by skijumptoes (2,930 points)
selected Jul 13, 2020 by AlexTinsley
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It will automatically re-activate if you're online after being away for a week or so, you won't notice anything different. It checks automatically if you ticked the box to remember your credentials.  Very low maintenance (Unless their servers get hit hard again lol).

It's only if you take your computer offline (i.e. travel with a laptop) and it goes more than 3 days without an internet connection and you're still trying to use it.  At that point you would need to hook up to a mobile phone or wifi and just run it once to gain another 3 days offline usage.  

The data requirements to authenticate are really minimal too, it just involves your username and password being sent to the PreSonus servers, and them returning the renewed license.