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Studio One 5 is not finding the Reason 11 Rack Plugin

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asked Jul 9, 2020 in Studio One 5 by ccfortmill (150 points)
I just installed Reason 11 Lite, which I got from Plugin Boutique a couple of days ago. For some reason, Studio One V5 isn't recognizing it! I went back to V4, and it works fine there. Ableton 10 Suite works perfectly as well. Studio One V5 won't even show it in the plugin browser! I've checked my VST Plugin folders, and my blacklist, and there aren't any problems there. I created a shortcut to the plugin and tried another folder, but I can't get anything to work. Anyone have any tips? I'm really excited for V5, but I really want all of my tools to work! I haven't had any other problems so far. This has been my only frustration. Thank you!

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answered Jul 9, 2020 by marcoalfano (180 points)

I have the same problem with Reason 11 full. It's a bug of the version 5 of Studio One. I think they will correct it soon. 

Meanwhile this is the roundtrip:

you can change the name of the directory where reason vst is (Reason Rack Plugin.vst3):


Reason Rack Plugin.vst3


Reason Rack Plugin

The ".vst3" extension on that directory is causing the problem.

Apparently after that Reason vst is recognized and works fine.

Hope this can help you.