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Sound Variations: Make multi instruments key-switchable / change MIDI channel by keyswitch [Completed 5.3]

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asked Jul 12, 2020 in Completed Feature Requests by GeorgTomitsch (1,540 points)
recategorized Jun 30, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka
It would be great if it would be possible to define Key Switches in Multi Instruments to enable or disable / switch between instruments in the multi instrument or MIDI channels. This way it would be possible to combine the articulations of multiple orchestral libraries to one key-switchable multi instrument that can send each articulation to different effects.

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answered Jun 30, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,790 points)
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Completed in Studio One 5.3
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answered Jul 15, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,790 points)

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answered Nov 16, 2020 by simonhanna (180 points)
This is the feature that would make a lot of composers jump ship from Cubase. Unfortunately, even popular libraries such as CSS (Cinematic Studio Strings) cannot be triggered correctly in S1 as it relies on CC messages as well as Keyswitches.
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answered Nov 19, 2020 by georgezwierzchowski (170 points)
Seems like an easy programming job to me. just make the channels availlable on and off on the keys of a keyboard. Is it really soooo difficult? People have been asking for this or Something that leads to this since 2012 judging from the forums. in general its about creating keyboard switches for smples that dont have kewswitches for certain articulations. like Eastwest symphonics Mod Wheel articulations etc. etc.

remember those questions? Ived read them all this Morning. lol