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No output on my studio live 16.0.2 using studio one 5

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asked Jul 13, 2020 in Classic Mixers by bbgrogan (190 points)
I have been using channel 15 and 16 as returns from MacBook Pro to studio live 16.0.2 to play music. I downloaded studio one 5 and I have no playback from studio one 5. I had to setup the I/0 channels as it did not load my board in automatically, but I think I am not doing the output section correctly.

Any ideas?

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answered Jul 13, 2020 by bbgrogan (190 points)
selected Jul 13, 2020 by AlexTinsley
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False alarm..... I still had my test track armed to record, so while trying to playback there was no sound. So many things to think about, and it turns out to be the simplest!