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16.4.2 vs 16.0.2

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asked Jan 5, 2022 in Classic Mixers by robjones16 (120 points)

I'm looking to buy a used 16.4.2 (FW) or 16.0.2 USB. Can someone advise if I'll have any problems using either console to work with a DAW (Pro Tools or Logic)? I'm guessing Studio One works fine but those 2 are my concern. I believe both consoles can get audio into either DAW however, I want to know about multiple return channels (16) and what the the mixer can control with the DAW. I have a MacBook Pro running Mojave 10.14. I've confirmed with an Apple FW to Thunderbolt 2 adapter that a Focusrite Saffire Pro works. The 16.4.2 (FW) is cheaper and I'm on a budget but I don't want to make a mistake if it's missing something I can get with the 16.0.2. A Series III isn't within my budget today. - Thanks!

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