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When bouncing a track with a plugin do you need to keep the plugin in the track

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asked Jul 13, 2020 in Studio One 5 by glenroach (270 points)
Hi Everyone,

I have done some voice corrections using Melodyne. I am going to do some fattening of the vocals by copying the tracks and doing some off set and cent changes on the pitch using studio one. If I bounce the main track can I delete Melodyne out of it? A bounce take all the changes with it correct? Like recording the track to a new one but just not creating a new one. I don't want Melodyne running on 8 tracks but need them all to start identical.

Studio One 5 and Melodyne Essentials.


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answered Jul 14, 2020 by danielgarczyk (840 points)
I can't check right now but an easy way to find out about things like this is to add an effect (e.g. Melodyne), dial in some extreme settings, bounce it and take the effect off the chain. It would then be very obvious if the effect was gone or still applied to your track.