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studio one 5 crashes when using mod wheel

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asked Jul 14, 2020 in Studio One 5 by lrbhsvhv (170 points)

When i use my modwheel on my hardware synths   studio  one  5 crashes completly.  i have been a long time cubase  user and never had issues like  this.It practicaly makes studio one useless for me.

Very  sad because i liked the program very well.  i even considered buying a faderport. Anybody have a clue what it could  be would  be great. if not i think i cancel my sphere subscribsion.


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answered Jul 14, 2020 by lrbhsvhv (170 points)
Solved. I'm happy.
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answered Aug 13, 2020 by morgancaddy (140 points)

How did you solve it. Please help me.