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Studio One 5.1 Crashing

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asked Aug 17, 2020 in Studio One 5 by blackdata (280 points)
A session that I was previously working in Studio One 5.0 is now not even opening after I updated in Studio One 5.1.  anybody else having a similar issue?

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answered Aug 18, 2020 by robertgray3 (42,650 points)
selected Aug 21, 2020 by garymaguire
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This may not describe your situation but from what I've seen it varies by developer, and I notice it's worse with ones that haven't had a recent update. I've noticed my Soundtoys plugins crashing a lot in S1v5.0+ - been meaning to reach out to them but have not yet. I reached out to Waves about some of their plugins and they said to wait for a future update.

A good way to tell which plugin it is so you know which one to disable when you Disable Services in the S1 Prefs (its like Cubase safe mode) is to look at the Mac crash report where it says "Crashed Thread: #" and scroll to the Thread # and see if you recognize any names. For me all the crash logs said "Soundtoys.PanMan" "SoundToys.Decapitator" etc.
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answered Aug 17, 2020 by rionquiroz1 (4,280 points)
yea ive been crashing alot since the latest update ..
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answered Aug 20, 2020 by michaelhelm (140 points)
I've had similar issues, and also clicking, popping, and stuttering with both midi and audio file playback. Thanks Robert for the crash report info; I'll check that, but this is a pretty recent problem that seems related to the update.
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answered Aug 20, 2020 by erwinmartinez1 (290 points)
I have been getting crashes often as well, seems like if I make some adjustment while the file is auto-saving it shuts Studio One 5 off.
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answered Aug 25, 2020 by joeljossie (5,340 points)
I have a song that crashes Studio One about 75% of the time I try to open it. I've tried disabling plugins that it seems to be stuck on loading when it crashes, but that only helped once. Still takes down the entire program right as it's almost done loading up the song. If it's the fault of a plugin, how do I find out which plugin is causing it on Windows? (although I doubt it's just a plugin) You'd think the developers would be competent enough to at least direct me to a crash log or throw a window showing that a crash occurred. It's been getting out of hand for the last two weeks, being unable to work on my session most of the time.
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answered Aug 25, 2020 by robertgray3 (42,650 points)
@michaelhelm just because you update Studio One and the plugin crashes doesn’t mean Presonus can always fix it. The reasons are usually complex and is why a lot of working pros have to weigh the pros and cons of early updates. I’ll give you an example- out of 7 companies’ plugins that started performing poorly in S1v5 5/7 of them were issues the 3rd party developer had to fix and only about 2/7 were something Presonus had to fix. I’ve found it best to have parallel DAW installs for this reason, no matter the DAW.
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answered Sep 11, 2020 by richardmcmahan (240 points)
Studio one 5 pro crashes when using score view when I move curser out of score view or I move score view forward or back.  Impossible to edit in score view.
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answered Oct 26, 2020 by franoismeilleur (1,160 points)
I've been able to open sessions but S1 5.1 will randomly crash during editing or mixing and when it does, the entire computer goes down.

If it was only S1 going down it would be slightly less annoying, rebooting the entire machine takes longer than just reopening S1.