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Pitch and Mod Wheel - Calibration in Studio One

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asked Aug 4, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by steviemasters (3,030 points)
Hi, so I am aware that I can filter a mod or pitch wheel.  Does studio one have an existing function that allows one to calibrate a pitch or mod wheel inside S1?

I ask because there are cases where a pitch wheel that works fine in another Daw (who's name will not be mentioned) seems to be shifting in Studio One by a few degrees, it makes it difficult when trying to record because unless I filter out the offending wheel it records midi control data that is not intended and it becomes rendered useless out of necessity.

But, what about having a calibration feature in Studio One so we can set a dead zone for pitch and mod wheels inside the Daw rather than just filtering them out entirely?


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