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CAD u37 only working when plugged in at specific angles

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asked Jul 14, 2020 in AudioBox USB by masonsewell (120 points)
I was given a CAD u37 mic by a friend. Now when I try to use it, It has to be plugged in at a specific angle, or else it will not work. and it's getting increasingly frustrating, as when i put it at the angle it wants, it violently flickers in and out of functionality. This is literally the only good mic I have, and also the only of whatever that weird cable type it uses I have. I've tried spraying down the port with compressed air to remove dust and things but it didnt work. It's gotten to the point I literally cannot record with this **** thing. Please help.

I am also willing to open up and work on it if i have to. It's really my only option

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