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Why does my Android Video app only record 1 audio channel?

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asked Aug 12 in Revelator Series by zrtfmgpw (160 points)

Hi, I have my third Revelator Dynamic. It is now my third attempt. When connecting it to my Samsung A52s 5g and recording a video via any video recording app, it only records on 1 channel, not in stereo. When I record to the Voice Recorder App (Audio only), it records both channels. When connecting it to the mac, it records both channels.

I have tried the following:
- restart the device
- replaced cable
- used a powered USB adapter as suggested by Presonus
- reset camera app settings
- tried a wireless USB mic and it works

I really love this mic but it doesn't work for what it was intended for. Is this a known issue?

I would highly appreciate any help!

Best, David

1 Answer

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answered Aug 12 by zrtfmgpw (160 points)
I figured it out! The mic was set to multi-device - not single mode!