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Ipad remote doesn't show up after artist 5 purchase

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asked Jul 19, 2020 in Studio One 5 by petergiammanco (120 points)
purchased studio 1 artist 5 upgrade. No problem with the upgrade. but Ipad doesn't show computer for remote. Both on the same network. Windows 10.

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answered Jul 20, 2020 by bt drms nt ppl (230 points)
What type of console are you using for this? When I updated to 5 I had the same issue, but I was fine using 4 before. Currently I'm using a StudioLive 24 board and had to hit the UCNET button and add the device into StudioOne again. Hope this helps!
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answered Jul 25, 2020 by aka_busker (24,700 points)
Hi.  Please make sure that Windows is set to a Private network and not a public network.  Windows defaults to public network in its settings sometimes.  Check that your network is switched to private and not public network.  This solved my connection issues with the remote app on Android.  I hope that helps.