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Is there a way to auto-organize folders for saving files? Also, is there a way to "open file location" for tracks?

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asked Jul 20, 2020 in Studio One 4 by wcookjr (2,020 points)
edited Jul 30, 2020 by wcookjr
I don't see a section in the settings window to select how S1 creates and organizes folders and tracks on your hard drive. I remember in Reaper I could tell the program to do things like create folders in a certain location, name the folders based on the song name, save tracks under a certain naming scheme, etc. This would make searching for track files much easier because as of now, the program just saves songs under the date they were created.

I also don't see a way to open file location by right-clicking on an audio file. I got a mix sounding exactly the way I wanted and would like to use it as a template and try to import the audio files from another song without any of the processing into the new template, if that makes sense. It would be really helpful if I could right-click on each audio file and be able to find it in file explorer (finder for mac) so that I can drag and drop it into the template.

If I'm just overlooking these things, please let me know.

Edit: I mean like in reaper in which you can right click on a track file and select "open file location" and it will open within the OS' file explorer (windows explorer or finder for mac) the folder in which that file is located and highlight the file.

As far as the folder names, I mean to have S1 name the folders it saves track files in based on a song name or ask you where you want to save all the information rather than just creating a folder name based on the date and time

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answered Jul 20, 2020 by cdricblanqui (7,550 points)

Don't jnow if i understood right but :

- For the songs, first of all, you can name them as you like ! And in  SO options, you can decide in which folder you save them (and SO will create inside a new folder for each song)

- To get back song data into a new one, you just have to select "import song data" from the menu and you'll be able to select tracks, sends, etc, then delete events and save as a template.