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Global default project render location.

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asked Mar 9, 2021 in Recording by ethanduys (230 points)

This has not been suggested nearly enough as it needs to be. We need a GLOBAL default render/mixdown location option. This would be a major time saver since I currently have to point it to the directory I need to render to, then set the name as well (which always by default is "Mixdown" when it would save a few clicks being blank.) 

Having to replace this information each time I load up a project to re-render is not fun, and it seems like an easy enough fix. This is just about the only gripe I have with S1. 

If I could at least type in the path text box even... it would make things so much faster. The way it is now- takes like 10 extra seconds each time I render, especially when doing sound design. If we could even have both the filename/path combined into one option, that could work too.

Thank you. 

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