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Notion sound output disappears after sending score to Studio one 5

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asked Jul 22 in Notion by timtaylor12 (540 points)
I love the ability to move song data from Notion 6 to Studio One - don't know if anyone else has run into this, but when running both on the same PC, when you send the score to Studio One, the sound output of Notion 6 quits working (default sound output). It has something to do with a conflict in accessing the windows sound output device - once Studio One gets it, Notion won't take it back. I tried tweaking the Studio One audio settings to allow release in background & unchecked the exclusive use option, helped some but not consistently. Even if you close Studio One, Notion sound doesn't come back - you have to close Notion, then reopen it and it will then work again. Not that big a deal really......

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