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How to generate a score in Notion from a Presonus Studio One 5 Audio Track

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asked Sep 8 in Notion by johnriggi (120 points)
I have a query regarding audio file scores in Notion.  I've written a guitar instrumental for which I would like to generate a guitar score in Notion.  Have watched numerous videos and can get close to a score but not quite there.  
What I do get in Notion is a partial song in one note (E, which is the key) with proper rhythm notation.  Basically, it looks like a percussion score.  I've exported the track to Melodyne, but in Melodyne do not have correct note blobs.  I have notes, but they are all E pitch notes.  When I drag the Melodyne edited track to a MIDI track,  I have just one note: E.

I'm sure that there is something very simple I'm not doing or doing incorrectly, however the videos I've reviewed are of no assistance.

How do I proceed in order to generate a guitar score in Notion from an audio file?  If there are appropriate videos that you have access to that I might be able to use as well, I would greatly appreciate.
John Riggi

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