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Would Love To Attach The Video Window - Multiple Places & Sizes

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asked May 26, 2021 in Video by philliptremblay (670 points)

I would love the option to attach the video window to various parts of my session layout.  Sometimes I need the video attached to a bigger space (like the timeline window) because I need to pay attention to smaller visual details (i.e. character mouth movement).  Other times I need the video attached to a smaller space (like the browser window) because I only need slight visual cues hitting me out the corner of my eye while I do more comprehensive work in my timeline.  

The examples below are places I've actually stuck my video window while trying to work, but of course it's not long before content populates behind it that I need to see/get to.  Thus, please create a feature allowing us to attach the video window to various parts of the session layout.  I do have a separate screen I sometimes put the video on, but honestly there are times that I want it all closer together on the same screen.  It's all about that S1 One Window Workflow!

Thank you!

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