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Could the problem be something about my main setup?

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asked Jul 26 in Studio One 5 by golanbashari (180 points)

I don't have event view but i did run a hard drive scan and it seems to work fine.

I tried to change my user data folder with same resolts (save songs or exported flac/mp3 are gone once I reboot studio one)

I also noticed that none of changes I make on studio one settings is being save after reboot.

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answered Jul 26 by koreymontplaisir (1,140 points)
Hmm. Odd. Are you a full user on that windows pc? Seems like write access or something fishy. If you don't have anything to backup because it hasn't been saving. You could try to do a full reinstall to see if that helps with your issue.

You can go more advanced and use Revo uninstaller on Studio One, but only do that at the last thing. Careful with revo uninstaller as well. It can remove just about anything. People use 3rd part uninstallers, because it removes leftover junk that most programs leave, incase they reinstall.

If you do go the revo way, watch some videos on YouTube first. It just and will remove whatever you tell it. I use it all the time and mostly to remove spam from Microsoft like the Xbox services from Windows 10.

The only other thing is you want to make sure you're a full admin on that windows account. It really seems like write access.
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answered Jul 26 by golanbashari (180 points)
thanks again! i've figured it out! i didn't intalled the studio one extensions (I tried to download it from the presonus website but it failed to installed it that way). finally i found it in studio one under

Studio One- Studio One Extensions