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Saving song file much slower in Studio One 5

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asked Sep 7, 2020 in Studio One 5 by joeljossie (5,170 points)
Pretty simple - the act of saving a song file, whether done manually by pressing Ctrl + S or by autosave every few minutes, takes much longer in Studio One version 5 compared to 4. I've tested with identical Song files, although it doesn't take an idiot to notice that I've never had a problem saving large projects nearly instantaneously in V4, and now they cause the program to freeze up for several seconds. This is especially frustrating when done by autosave as it interrupts whatever I was doing with a dialog box (it's also visually different than in v4 - 50% opacity, no title bar) which makes the entire program unusable until it goes away. A small detail, but very frustrating. Combine that with all the stability and CPU efficiency problems with V5 and the lack of any new features in the artist version makes this a very disappointing upgrade indeed.

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answered Jul 9, 2021 by vinodananth2 (190 points)
Face the same issue. You are lucky it's only several seconds. I've been waiting for 10 minutes and my song hasn't finished saving yet.
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answered Jan 26 by petrzikmund (1,370 points)
Same problem here. Loading and saving takes ages. After restarting PC much better but going worse by time.
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answered Feb 15 by markroller (160 points)
Same here. We upgraded from S1 v3 to v5.  OS updated to Catalina. Since then, S1 shows cpu usage in iMac activity monitor as high as 200, usually running around 130. After several hours of recording, the machine grinds to a near halt. Reboot helps, but startup and song loading takes forever. This is a real productivity killer,