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Blue Cat Patchwork crashes on the listen bus in S1 v5

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asked Jul 27, 2020 in Studio One 5 by dadasound (500 points)
Hi, just updated my Studio One Pro to V5.
I tried to put Patchwork on the new Listen Bus and S1 crashed immediately !
Now I still use Patchwork 1.7.2 VST2, as I need the "off boundaries" feature of V.1.x. ( gone in 2.x )
So I tried 1.7.2 VST3 > I now could load Patchwork but S1 crashed on loading a certain preset or otherwise on closing S1.
Tried newest V2.4.2 VST3 > same as above.

I use Patchwork to easily load 3 measuring plugins ( HOFA IQ Analyzer, Melda Stereo meter, SPL Hawk Eye - all VST 3 ) and have their GUI positions recalled, as Studio One still does not recall initial plugin GUI positions.
It works flawless, when installing the plugins individually, on the listen bus. Downside : I have to put the GUIs where I want them, each time !
Not good !

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