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Data Management Practices with External Media

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asked Jul 27, 2020 in Studio One 5 by toddgruel (190 points)
I'm planning a records sample project that will rely upon a massive swath of recorded music as its sound source. I need to determine the simplest and most efficient workflow for this process. I currently have Studio One 3 but am considering updating to 5. Don't know if any features or processes have changed that would affect my planning.

It may be easiest to simply link the DAW to the offsite media which I could leave in place elsewhere (preferably on an external drive). I have a lot of WAV files and I want to prevent unnecessary importing and deleting. As only select samples will be recorded from existing songs, the majority of the music will not be used, so it would be a bit much to need to import everything and then delete most everything.

However, if I leave the music offsite where it already is, how well does Studio One work in that workflow? If I make substantial edits and post-production changes, will this have a radical affect on my computer's processor? Will things get buggy or slow down?

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