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Studio One Multi Console Integration & Management Network With Effect Channel Mixing & Master Mix Overview -

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asked Nov 28, 2019 in Mixing by scottmoncrieff (1,060 points)
edited Nov 29, 2019 by scottmoncrieff
I've drawn up a realistic representation of the vision I have, in which using multiple mixing consoles can give greater control, flexibility and management in song production.This is just one configuration in how it could look, but obviously by the way you can toggle windows, it can be further configured to one's needs.


● The new revised 'Mixer Console System' goes way beyond the limitations in which 'Folder Tracks' and the 'Grouping' options introduced in version 4.5 provide, whilst also complementing them at the same time, with not only being able to multi mix between different mix consoles and retain configurations individually, you can also save multiple setups and recall them on the fly within the node based system and view them a multitude of ways that you desire.

● The ability to create multiple mix consoles vie the node system opens the doors to creating surround sound 5.1/ 7.1 setups for film scoring type tracks with additional internal processing to video and external hardware / monitoring processing solutions.

● You can chain multiple mix consoles together and add effects globally to them all. If you have accidentally messed up a mix and forgot to save, you can prevent that by having a backup of an earlier console mix session you've saved, whilst also allowing you to save and import multiple mix console setups into new songs you create.

● The new console mixing system saves time with production by that of mouse clicks, and mouse scrolling that can disrupt one's workflow..whilst allowing you to easily find your big tracks in big productions, with full console mixer labelling. Rather than with being limited to that of individual mixer widths or panels that you prefer to have or have otherwise closed.

● You can save CPU load and by turning off the mixer nodes so it allows you to better manage how the groups of instruments and effects are handled.

● You can build mixing console setups from scratch for Scratch Pad based songs.

● You can assign mixer consoles to Scratch Pads which you can select from the drop down menu without affecting the main song and the instruments being used.

● Console Mixers are selectable from single tabs, in the same way multiple instruments are and allows you to take a screenshot of the console mixer layout you have created.

● You can use dark shadow glass effects for isolating selections of mixer channels sections more clearly.

● You can pin, expand, collapse, undock and arrange multiple consoles horizontally, in quad view or vertically....which allows you to view not just 20 to 40 tracks at one time but two times, three times or more in different configuration view states and possibly up to 200, 300 mixer channels in a narrow format on a 1440p or higher resolution screen.

● You can expand the monitoring levels of not just one mixing console but several in addition to randomly selected ones.

● You can dedicate different mixing consoles for different external hardware setups instead of being limited to just one.

● It makes it easy to compare your actual song mix setup with the mastering one you have without ever needing to switch screens to make direct comparisons.


This more than just adding a another console mixer or two, this is about transforming Studio One into a powerful mixing environment that takes a new step in the evolution of DAWs and that of Studio One.

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answered Nov 30, 2019 by Daw Stew (12,330 points)
I think that there are simpler approaches to mixer management than this. For instance having the ability to freeze the view so that user selected tracks don't disappear out of view everytime you navigate left/right. If you've used Excel and the Freeze Columns/Rows feature then you know what i'm describing.

What was a good modification to the mixer was the Studio One X add-on in which mixer snapshots could be taken and scrolled through, very similar to how console snapshots can be set up to display different views. I hope to see Presonus implement Mixer Snapshots at some point.
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answered Nov 30, 2019 by robertgray3 (42,610 points)

Way too complicated. Why not just vote for Mixer Snapshots? This is like a solution to a problem nobody has.