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Grouping/Folders for Multiple Backing Track Players

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asked Jul 30 in Show Page by andrewwatts3 (150 points)

I use tracks for live worship and sometimes have between 10-20 tracks per song. Please could we have a way to group the backing track players into a folder in the "arrange" view of Show Page?

I.e. So multiple Backing Track players can fold/collapse into 1 single folder/group to make the window less cluttered. Especially when I'm out of the studio and using a tiny laptop screen!

It would also be good if you could have patch for the group/folder that controls the patches for the multiplayers within the group/folder.

Failing all this, as a quick fix, the ability to filter (show/hide) players in the Show Page would be good. (Like you can already in the Mix window).

(PS. For my workflow, I just drag the stems straight in from the File Browser into the Show Page. I don't create a Song for each track because I have hundreds of songs and I don't need to).

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