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Grouping regions when editing

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asked Mar 8, 2020 in Editing by pellefridell (4,270 points)

This a request for making the grouping of regions I edit window work more foolproof.
I was recently working in a whole day jazz session editing takes together. This is like 3 takes for each number and a 3 hour long session.

Coming from PT I make an "All"-group and assign all tracks to it. Then only tick "for editing" in groups settings.

This works great when selecting regions, but when selecting regions not having the same length (like tracks with vocal compings), AND adjusting start/ end position, its very easy to mess the whole session up.

My feature request is to make groupings in edit window work more foolproof as in PT. Sorry this is the easiest way I can describe it.

When adjusting ending of several grouped regions, ONLY the longest regions that make the outer frame of the group are affected.

Shorter regions that has stopped before will not be affected (like a vocal comp)

I'm a big fan of S1 and have not looked back. But this is really someting that can give problems when I suddenly has changed the end point of all regions on a track .

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answered Apr 18, 2020 by pellefridell (4,270 points)

Hi again!!

Made a video explaining, but could not get it uploaded. Here some screenshots.

Best, Pelle