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Why not add the Ability to Toggle Grouping for Selected Track(s)

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asked Jan 20 in Editing by tothrec (10,680 points)
Studio One needs to add the ability to toggle grouping more easily.

Current State: select some tracks, Ctrl + G to group them.  (Easy)

But in order to toggle that Group on/off you have to open the Track List and Click on the icon to view the Groups then click on the little dot.  (Not easy!)

Future State:  Select one or more tracks.   Right-click, choose new "Disable Group(s)" option.

This would need to disable all groups associated with all of the selected tracks.

Having this option would allow us to assign a key combination.

Use case:

In the middle of editing a large project, you need to make a change to just a subset of a complex group of tracks.

Select them, hit your keyboard shortcut, make your change, hit the shortcut again.  Done!

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