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Is there a way make Studio One 5 Pro slave to external midi clock?

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asked Aug 1 in Studio One 5 by mattowen8 (120 points)
I read on the compare versions page that Studio One 5 Pro can follow MTC and MMC. Can it also follow Midi beat clock from an external device?

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answered Aug 8 by microbug (540 points)
No, it cannot, since MIDI Clock is not an absoulte format whereas MTC provides an exact location, being the MIDI version of SMPTE used in synchronizers for Tape in former times.

If you have an Akai MPC with more than one MIDI port: many of them can send MTC and MIDI Clock simultaneously, so that the MPC is your master and you send MTC to S1, MIDI clock to your hardware. MPC 200XL, 1000/2500 and 4000 are capable of this.