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In Studio One 5 the velocity lane in the Editor window while editing midi events seems to have disappeared

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asked Aug 2, 2020 in Studio One 5 by brucesaunders (140 points)
There was a "lane" in the Editor, when editing midi events that let you edit the velocity of the midi events (I guess from reading other comments it was called the Velocity Lane). It seems to have vanished in S15 and I can't figure out how to get it back. I feel like a newb, but I use that feature in my workflow quite a bit and the Editor has changed, and I can't find it. Any friendly suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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answered Aug 4, 2020 by scottnaude (260 points)

I had the same issue an just figured it out. If you look towards the bottom left of the editor view, there are three icons: 'Show/Hide Automation Lanes', 'Add Automation Lane' and 'Remove Automation Lane'.

If you click 'Add Automation Lane' (the Plus icon), you'll have the velocity edit (also, as a side note I also figured out that while this defaulted to percentage values, right clicking on the percentage view allows you to change this to the note velocity - but you may already know this)

I'm going to explore further and see if it's possible to set default config for the automation lane to always be there, like in Studio One 4