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Simplify workflow of MIDI controllers and sound modules

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asked Aug 2 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by simonjameslane (840 points)
Simplify the process of adding MIDI-only vs. MIDI-enabled external devices in Preferences > External Devices panel. Either clarify the lingo (MIDI Keyboard and MIDI Instrument could mean a number of things) or consolidate the roles into one type of device that the user simply ticks all the option boxes that they wish depending on their situation. Rather than in the case of MIDI-enabled sound generating devices (that one might often want to use as a controller AND sound module) having to add a device for each, then disregard the dialogue warning that spells out the imminent danger of assigning two or more MIDI devices to the same hardware-recognised set of ports. Really, the whole panel could be streamlined to be something like Ableton Live and the UI continuity would not need be compromised. Setting up a MIDI-enabled guitar pedal, or Eurorack modular MIDI-CV converter, should be just as easy and straightforward as setting up an old-fashioned USB MIDI keyboard controller. If it is a piece of hardware that sends and/or receives MIDI (or OSC) there should exist one single, unified template and options window for it, and users should be able to simply select what settings are applicable to them and their hardware, in addition to scripted templates where appropriate.

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