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Suggestion about Pipeline plugin

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asked Feb 9 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by equalaudio (430 points)
Hi team,

I'm a big fan of the Pipeline plugin, but I find it frustrating when I want to mix with analog effects. I have to stop and think, "Oh, I need to use plugins instead, because I'll have to reopen the session to make adjustments, and I've just finished tweaking my hardware." Then I have to find my previous adjustments to work on my session again, which is really frustrating.

My suggestion is this: since it's 2024 and digital technology and artificial intelligence are no longer a secret, would it be possible to create a Pipeline-style plugin that can take a snapshot or neural capture like the Neural DSP Quad Cortex, but apply it to my external effects? This would allow me to reopen an old session without any frustration.

I think this would be a really valuable addition to the Pipeline plugin, and it would make it even more powerful and versatile. Thanks for your consideration!

Thank you

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