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When to use FatChannelXT and when to use separate plugins and FX?

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asked Aug 4 in Studio One 5 by jamesbeeson1 (220 points)
It would be good to understand the rationale and use-cases for FatChannel XT compared to other (standalone) FX and dynamics plugins. For example, the name implies that FatChannel is intended as a channel strip - but I've also seen it used in videos on the master bus too. Then there's the ProEQ2 - when is this a better choice than the EQs in FatChannel.

I'm a S1-5 newbie (Sphere subscriber) so trying to understand when the various built-ins should be used.

Thank you! (amazing DAW - I'm a convert from Ableton)


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answered Aug 12 by colinotoole (6,330 points)
Hi there. Choice, I guess, would be my take on it. A few points: You don't have to use all the sections of the Fat Channel (FT) together; you can turn them on or off independently. The devices in the FT, as far as I am aware, are only available in the FT and not separately or independently. So, for example, if you only wanted to use the RC500 compressor on something, in whatever situation, you would insert an FT and just turn the compressor section on and pick that compressor. The other option would be to use other bought and stand-alone plug-ins. Hope this makes some sense. Cheers.