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Clips-Independent Gain Envelope

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asked Aug 6, 2020 in Editing by antokovacic (860 points)
In the current state, the clip gain envelope function shares the envelope between clip clones and interacts with clips that have the same source audio file. It would be great to have the clip gain envelope function independent for each clip, so there is no need to bounce the clip in such conditions, to be able to add a new gain envelope.

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answered Jan 3 by Lukas Ruschitzka (194,840 points)
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answered Oct 29, 2020 by antokovacic (860 points)
I can not believe that nobody realizes how this is important.
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answered Dec 29, 2020 by Jbmetal (480 points)
I support this wholeheartedly. I discovered this in the middle of a project and realized I'll have to re-level all my sound fx. It's crazy to think something so simple has been overlooked. We need an option between this current implementation and one in which the clip gain envelope is independent of source audio.
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answered Jan 2 by antokovacic (860 points)
Thanks for supporting, Jbmetal. Yes, you described the problem, that happened to me, too: in the middle of the project, I realized that I ruined a previously precisely edited clips...
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answered Jan 4 by gregschumacher (200 points)
Totally agree on this one.  Discovered this myself the wrong way, having edited a section that mirror edited another section from the same source file.  I don't get why copying a section to another event, does create and independent event without having to bounce that section in place.