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Some events are missing clip gain markers in Studio One 5

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asked Aug 16, 2020 in Studio One 5 by roberttrede (2,920 points)

For some reason some events within any given track are missing "clip gain markers". (Hopefully I am calling them by the proper name).

Normally when I click on events, little white square boxes show up in the 4 corners of the event and also in the top-middle and bottom-middle boundaries of the event. For some mysterious reason events on the same track might... or might have these markers.

Why are the present on some events and not on others?

These are the little markers that allow me to fade the beginning or end of an event, or by pulling down the "Middle marker", I can reduce the volume. (Actually, thanks to advances in the interface, we no longer have to find that "top-center middle maker" of an even to pull down the volume... all that is necessary is to hover the mouse close to the top boundary of the even (anywhere in the event) and the little "pointy finger" will appear to adjust the volume downward.

That is, if those event markers are in place. Without them I see no way to pull down the volume. This makes balancing the volume among events very difficult since the events missing the markers cannot (as far as I can tell) have their volume adjusted up/down.

Additionally, many times when I record an event, I might use "alt-N" to normalize the volume level, then use the mouse to pull it back down to where I want it. I can't do that when those clip-gain markers are missing. 

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here? Why do some (most, actually) events have those white little clip-gain markers, while others do not? Am I missing something here?

Here is a snapshot to illustrate my point. Notice the three grouped events on the left show their clip-gain markers, while those on the right (in the Arranger titled "Part A-End" are missing their markers. The events displayed all have "focus" (thin blue line surrounded each event), but those on the right are missing their clip-gain markers.

Any ideas what is going on here?

I do have one idea that I will try. I notice when I right-click a "troubled event", one menu choice is "Bounce Selection". I've never used "bouncing before" so I am not quite sure what it does... but thought I would experiment with it.If I see any positive results,  I'll update this thread.

Thanks everyone.... I look forward to your replies.

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answered Aug 16, 2020 by roberttrede (2,920 points)

Ok, Ladies an Gents!

I ended up finding my own solution. As it turned out, my instinct was right. By highlighting an event that is missing its "clip-gain markers", right-clicking on it, then selecting "Bounce Selection", the clip-gain markers magically returned! Yahoo!

I had only used "bouncing" in the past when I wanted to bounce a layer to its own track. I never thought of using it as a means to "repair" an event. ... But it ("Bounce Selection") worked great for that purpose.

This issue can be considered closed now. (Hopefully anyone experiencing the same issue can find this solution.)

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